Find the Right Dust Collection System

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Find the Right Dust Collection System

Selecting the right industrial dust collector for your facility is an important decision. But how do you know which one is the correct one?  

Price is often a top priority when selecting a dust collector, and AM Industrial Group is the cost- effective choice with quality pre-owned units. We discuss this in our Comparison Guide: Purchasing a New vs. Used Dust Collector.

Below we outline the aspects you should consider when it’s time to buy an industrial dust collector.

Cartridge dust collectors are useful for fine dust and lighter loading applications such as welding, plasma, laser and other fume or smoke applications. Cartridge collectors operate efficiently down to .3 microns. 

Baghouse dust collectors are the most effective when the particulate is larger, and the loading is higher. Baghouse units feature fabric bags which have a longer filter life than cartridge filters and can usually handle heavier dust from demanding applications such as wood and grain dust.

DUST: The properties within the type of dust are factors that contribute to which dust collection system may be a good choice for your facility. Moisture level, texture and size of the dust will directly affect the type of industrial dust collector that will work best.

Fine and dry dust is typically best collected using a cartridge-type dust collector. With fine and dry dust, the pulse clean system within most dust collectors is designed to efficiently clean the filters.

Baghouse dust collectors are often used on more demanding applications. These dust types are better collected on the long tubular shape type of filters that are in baghouses rather than the canister type filter in a cartridge dust collector.

SIZE: Knowing what size of dust collector you need will narrow your choices significantly. Ambient type dust collection or source capture dust collection play a pivotal part in determining the size of dust collector you need. Ambient collection is when you are cleaning the general shop air, whereas source capture is when the particulate at the point of pollution is being collected.

LOCATION: Where you plan to place the dust collector plays a role in the selection process as well. Dust collectors can be positioned inside a facility as well as outside a facility.  

Numerous considerations such as noise level, height restrictions and floor space may restrict an inside installation. Whereas installing a dust collector outdoors may not be an option if the building is leased and the property owner does not want penetrations in the building for ducting.

Once the location is determined consider the install the system. The majority of dust collection systems come with a pulse clean system that requires compressed air, and correct power voltage must also be properly accessible.

FINAL DECISION: Not only do industrial dust collectors ensure a safe working environment, but they also help improve employee efficiency and reduce equipment maintenance costs. This means that keeping your facility clean can be good for your bottom line.

AM Industrial Group has the largest selection of used dust collectors ranging in sizes from 2,000 CFM to 200,000 CFM and multiple different brands. We offer equipment at amazing prices for a wide range dust collection needs.  

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