How an Industrial Dust Collector Can Help During Closed Door Weather

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How an Industrial Dust Collector Can Help During Closed Door Weather

During the fall and winter months, the weather turns colder resulting in the doors of your facility shutting  and  staying shut through the winter. In an attempt to keep the heat in, this action may be trapping the dust and smoke created by your work application inside as well. Though closing the doors is necessary,  you cannot afford to lower the indoor air quality. Read up on issues  that can arise from closing the doors in the cold weather, and how an industrial dust collector can help your facility during that time.

Dust particles within the air of your facility can cause:

1.     Lowered visibility in your facility, lowering employee efficiency

If your employees cannot see, then driving a forklift, operating a crane, or simply welding or grinding can become dangerous.

2.     Higher maintenance cost on your equipment

Equipment covered in dust can run slower, rougher, or not at all.

3.     Dirty Walls, Fans and Units

Your facility's air vents can become clogged causing your unit work harder to heat your work space.

4.     Employee Health Issues

It is not just your shop that can suffer. Dust can travel through your heating duct and into your offices/common areas causing poor air quality for everyone in your facility. Employees in your facility may breathe in those dust particles. For employees with asthma, allergies, COPD, long-haul Covid, or other breathing issues, working in a dust and smoke-filled facility could potentially cause further health issues and work absences.

Having the right industrial dust collector can alleviate these issues associated with closing your facility’s doors in the winter. Dust collectors can clean up your facility and keep existing air vents in good condition. Maintaining high air quality for everyone in your office is beneficial to the overall health and retention of your employees.

At AM Industrial Group, we offer the world’s largest variety of industrial dust collectors in stock and ready to ship to your facility. From portable units to booths and backdrafts to ambient/ceiling hung units, we can have a small dust collector inside your facility by next week.

We have cartridge collectors from 2,000 CFM up to 120,000+ CFM.  As experienced professionals in the industrial dust collection industry, we can help you choose effective and efficient equipment for your production application. Contact us today for more information on our vast inventory of used dust collectors!

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