How to Describe a Bent Tube in Tube Bender Language

January 4, 2019

Various bent metal tubes

A simple bent tube may look basic until you try to describe it to someone without a drawing or a picture.

Words such as “like a snake” or “candy-cane” or “The letter “J”” are useful but only so descriptive.

There are a few factors on a bent part that assist in describing it to a supplier, a customer, or even your own team!

Material; what is the tube made of; Copper? Stainless? Etc?

Shape of the tube; Is it round? Square? Oval?

Diameter of the tube; the dimension of the material from one side to the other.

Wall thickness; how thick the tubing is that you are bending. Calculated by taking the Outside diameter minus the Inside diameter and dividing this number by two.

Degree of Bend; this is to what degree the tube is bent. To find this you can lay a protractor on the part to determine the angle.

Centerline Radius; This refers to how tight the bend is.  It is the distance from the inside center point of the curvature to the middle (the centerline axis) of the tube/pipe.

Number of Bends; While this is a simple one, it is often overlooked. Is it a single bend part or is it a five-bend part.

Plane of Bends; Is the part rotated out of square in a cross-sectional view between bends? If the part will lay flat on the ground it is likely a single plane part. If not then it is a multi-plane part.  

By using and understanding this terminology, you will be able to describe bent tubes.

Call us today and give it a try!

Machine data is best collected from machine manufacturers to ensure safer operation inside of designed parameters. Information above in no way supersedes that data.

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