Proper Tube Bending Terminology Part 3: Describing Boost & roll bending feature – THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

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Proper Tube Bending Terminology Part 3: Describing Boost & roll bending feature – THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

Have you ever tried to describe tube bending features and gotten a bit frustrated? This blog will help make every machine conversation going forward much easier to understand.

Boost & Roll Bending

In the world of tube bending, there are various methods and concepts regarding how to get the tube bent.  Along with the conventional rotary draw bending, many machines have additional features for two very different types of bending:

Boost bending – during the bend on tight radius bending the carriage will need to push on the back of the tube to help boost the tube to reduce wall thinning and slipping in the clamp – this is possible via a Hydraulic boost action or a Servo carriage boost action.

Roll bending – to bend a large center line radius part, the bend arm is fitted with a roller die that will allow the bend arm to bend out and then once the arm is at a programmed set stop point the carriage – which must be an electric servo direct drive powered (Not chain fed)  - will power forward rolling the tube in a roll bent fashion. The size of the radius is determined by the angle of the bend arm.  Machines that roll bend are almost always setup with an electric servo driven bend arm for accuracy (as opposed to hydraulically driven). 

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