The varying words and definitions that describe the world of bending

June 9, 2017

The varying words and definitions that describe the world of bending:

Tube Terminology PART 1: Tool-set

Have you ever tried to describe tube bender tooling without the proper terminology? It can get interesting very fast. From phrases like “Mandrel”, “Bendy-Thing”, and “Pressure Die”, this blog will help make every tooling conversation going forward much easier to understand.

In the world of tube bending there are methods and concepts on how to get the best bend. Along with each method or concept comes a range of words used to describe the most important part of the bending equation; the tool-set. When discussing tooling it is important to use the correct terminology to confirm that both the customer and the seller understand each other. After being in business for 25+ years, the team at AM Industrial Group has heard pretty much every word in the book!!

Below is a diagram showing the components of a tool set. Underneath each phrase are a few other words that have been used to describe this part.

Bending Words and Definitions with a Tool Set

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