Tube End Formers: Brand Comparison

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Tube End Formers: Brand Comparison

If the ever-changing economic climate has triggered the need for a piece of machinery to bring a process in house or start a new division of your business, then you’ve come to the right place.  AM Industrial is your one stop shop for used machinery needs such as tube benders and tube end forming machines to dust collection and air filtration systems.  You’re sure to find a brand or product that speaks to you when you visit our website or warehouse, due to the substantial number of brands and types that we carry.  But perhaps your goal is to start small and build your way up to the more costly or taxing area of your production process; your best options in this scenario is to start with the small areas that need attention first.

We could go on forever talking about the best type of machinery, control types and overall design choices.  But if the thought of restructuring your manufacturing process feels overwhelming, then pick a specific area that you want to tackle.  For example, you are going to bring the end forming part of your tube forming process in house.  Focus on getting the best end former to form the part and later on you can switch your focus to the finish of the form.  Maybe for the first little while you will still have to out source the finishing.  Construct your vision, research your ideas or even give us a call to discuss your thoughts.

When it comes to tube end formers, 2 of the most popular brands include Eagle and Addison McKee.

Addison Mckee was founded in the United Kingdom in 1956.  They started producing tube benders around 1958 and years later joined up with a company in Wilmington, Ohio. Addison Mckee has positioned themselves by offering more than a product but rather a tube forming solution.  On the other hand, Eagle Precision Technologies was started at very similar time to Addison Mckee.  Like Addison Mckee, Eagle is a world leader in tube forming solutions and also offers many product categories including CNC tube benders, end formers and calibration equipment.

Comparison on the basis of price, quality, construction and design will ultimately depend on what the buyers are looking for, as both brands maintain their integrity in these features. There are multiple styles and types of machine to choose from, prices continually vary and the products uphold their value on both sides. So what truly sets apart Eagle and Addison Mckee?  It ultimately come down to consumer opinions, but more-so brand preference and availability.  Some buyers choose to purchase Addison McKee because they believe Eagle is more expensive, which others buy Eagle because they’ve heard Addison Mckee is poorly made.  Opinions will undeniably differ on both sides, but as stated brand preference and availability play the biggest role in the customer’s choices.  Whenever you decide to buy a machine, you may just want whatever is available.  At AM Industrial, all of our machines are in stock and ready to ship.

Both Addison Mckee and Eagle strive to increase brand loyalty by releasing quality products at great prices and we are proud to offer both brands of machinery.  We would love to help you decide on your next tube end former or any project that has a machinery need so please reach out to use for any questions or to learn more.

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