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8-5/8" Schwarze-Robitec #WE220 3-Axis CNC Tube Bender

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8-5/8" Schwarze-Robitec #WE220 3-Axis CNC Tube Bender

  • Maximum tube diameter: 8.625" OD x 0.280" wall (219.1mm x 7.1mm)
  • Maximum tube length over mandrel: 236” or 6,000 mm (approx)
  • Maximum centerline radius mandrel bending:  48" (approx)
  • Bending rotation: right-hand (clockwise)
  • Operator control station - updated
  • Heavy-duty carriage for pipe positioning between bends
  • Hydraulic mandrel extractor
  • Hydraulic B-axis shift
  • Wiper die holder
  • Hydraulic pressure die assist
  • Hydraulic direct acting pressure die
  • Hydraulic collet closer
  • Huge assortment of tooling for pipe ODs

  • Stock Number: AM17371
  • Brand: Schwarze-Robitec
  • Capacity: 8.6250 inches
  • Condition: UsedCondition
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