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Terms & Conditions

Prices quoted are F.O.B Cleveland, Ohio unless otherwise specified.


Used items sold hereunder are neither designed nor manufactured by the seller, and this sale of these items is on an as-is and with all faults basis, without an representations or warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind including safety, condition, or quality. Orders are not subject to cancelation. Deposits received are nonrefundable. Seller further assumes no responsibility to provide safety devices or equipment necessary for the protection of the user or to comply with applicable governmental laws or requirements. It is agreed an understood that purchaser assumes this responsibility and the above is an integral part of the this sale.

Customer and AM Industrial Group, LLC (hereinafter referred to as AM Industrial) agree that the purchase and sale of AM Industrial machines (“Products”) are made under these terms and conditions, and that AM Industrial shall not be bound by Customer’s additional or different terms. The Customer’s placement of its order and purchase of the Products shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any order accepted by a salesperson or representative on be half of AM Industrial is subject to approval by AM Industrial.


This document represents the entire agreement of the parties regarding the listed items. All prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations and understandings with respect to this purchase and Products sold hereunder are merged herein. All Products sold are listed on the Quotation and/or Invoice. Accessory or electrical equipment, tools, dies, etc., are not included unless specifically listed herein. This agreement may only be changed by a writing signed by all parties.


Title to the Products covered herein shall pass at AM Industrial’s warehouse upon delivery of the Products to the carrier. All sales and all deliveries of Products to carriers are subject to prior sales. AM Industrial retains a security interest and right of possession in the Products until Customer makes payment in full. Customer authorizes AM Industrial to execute and file financing statements and any other required documents necessary to perfect AM Industrial’s security interest in the Products sold hereunder until payment of the purchase price has cleared AM Industrial’s bank.


All Products are quoted FOB AM Industrial’s warehouse, Brook Park, Ohio unless otherwise stated. All Products are offered subject to prior sales. Prices quoted are subject to change at any time prior to order confirmation at the sole discretion of AM Industrial. Payment for Products shall be by cash or check at the time order is placed and accepted by AM Industrial. Customer agrees not to send AM Industrial payments marked “paid in full”, “without recourse”, or similar language. If Customer sends such a payment, AM Industrial may accept it without losing any of AM Industrial’s rights and Customer will be obligated to pay any further amount owed to AM Industrial.


Product prices are exclusive of, and Customer shall pay, applicable sales, use, service, value added or like taxes, unless Customer has provided AM Industrial with an appropriate exemption certificate for the delivery destination acceptable to the applicable taxing authority.


AM Industrial shall deliver the Products to a carrier at AM Industrial’s warehouse and, if the Products are sold to a Customer outside the United States, AM Industrial shall clear the Products for export outside the United States. Customer shall pay all freight charges, applicable import duties, and other necessary fees and shall bear the risks of carrying out customs formalities and clearance.


Shipping dates are approximate. Unless otherwise stated, all Products are sold FOB AM Industrial’s Warehouse, and mode of shipment shall be at AM Industrial’s discretion and judgment. AM Industrial shall not be liable for any loss, damages, or expenses resulting from any delay and/or delivery issues from any cause whatsoever. Claims for shipment shortage shall be deemed waived unless presented to AM Industrial in writing within thirty (30) days of shipment.


AM Industrial may, in its sole discretion, terminate these terms and conditions with respect to a Customer (without prejudice to AM Industrial’s other rights and remedies) and may suspend a sale immediately at any time prior to delivery of the Product to the carrier without notice to Customer and without any liability for AM Industrial.


Risk of loss shall pass to Customer at time of delivery of the Products to the carrier.


This contract may not be cancelled without AM Industrial’s written consent.


If a Product is found to be mechanically unsatisfactory, it may be returned within thirty (30) days from shipment for a refund of the purchase price or at AM Industrial’s option, be repaired by AM Industrial. AM Industrial’s sole obligation (and Customer’s sole remedy) with respect to the foregoing Guarantee shall be to, at AM Industrial’s option, return the fees paid or repair/replace any defective Product provided that AM Industrial receives written notice of such defects. AM Industrial’s guarantee does not apply to any Products that have been subject to improper installation, misuse, alteration, repair, neglect, accident, fire, or the like. This guarantee does not apply to any freight charges. Products must be returned in same or better condition than when shipped. Customer is responsible for all freight charges. AM Industrial does not guarantee the electrical system of the Products or the Customer’s electrical capability to run the Product. This guarantee applies only to Products owned by AM Industrial and does not apply to Products sold for “special price” or Products sold “as-is.” EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH ABOVE, THE PRODUCTS ARE SOLD “AS IS” AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES THAT MAY ARISE FROM USAGE OR TRADE OR COURSE OF DEALING. AM INDUSTRIAL DOES NOT WARRANT, GUARANTEE OR MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS REGARDING THE USE OF THE PRODUCTS IN TERMS OF CORRECTNESS, ACCURACY RELIABILITY OR OTHERWISE AND DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE OPERATION OF THE PRODUCTS WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR

FREE. Customer affirms that it has not relied upon AM Industrial’s skill or judgment to select or furnish goods for any particular use or purpose. The entire liability of AM Industrial is set forth above. To the maximum extent permitted by law, AM INDUSTRIAL SHALL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BE LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, EXPENSES, LOST PROFITS, LOST SAVINGS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE PRODUCTS.

AM Industrial encourages the Customer to inspect the Product prior to purchase.

Because some states/jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, this limitation may not apply. If the foregoing limitation of liability is found not enforceable because an AM Industrial Products sold to Customer is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in a non-appealable judgment to be defective and to have directly caused bodily injury, death or property damage, in no event shall AM Industrial’s liability for property damage exceed the greater of $25,000.00 USD or the purchase price paid for the specific Product that caused such damage upon return of the Products to AM Industrial in the same condition as when shipped.


Customer acknowledges that the Products herein described were neither designed nor manufactured by AM Industrial and that the Products are being sold, with all faults, and with no warranties implied whatsoever, including those which may pertain to compliance with the health and/or industrial safety code or standards of any state, municipality, or other jurisdiction. Further the Customer agrees to assume all risk and liability and to forever indemnify and hold AM Industrial harmless respecting any and all claims or liabilities from accidents involving these machines caused by failure of user, its employees, or agents to follow instructions, warnings or recommendation available from the original equipment manufacturer, or by failure of user to comply with Federal, State or Local laws applicable to such equipment including the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. Customer assumes all risk and liability for loss, damage and/or injury to persons or property of Customer or others arising out of the use or possession of any Products sold hereunder, and agrees to forever indemnify and hold AM Industrial harmless from any and all costs, expenses and/or damages resulting thereby.


The Products sold herein may or may not conform to OSHA standards. It is the responsibility of the Customer and the factory user to equipment properly and put protective guarding on the equipment in order to avoid possible injuries through its operation. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard the Product’s operator from harm. It is the Customer’s responsibility to equip the Products to conform to all Federal, State and Local Government safety standards and meet all industry safety standards of OSHA. These Products may not incorporate approved activating mechanism, operator safety devices, or safety guards, as required by OSHA or otherwise. It is agreed that the Customer and factory user shall, at their own cost and expense, defend any claim or action which may be brought by any person or firm claiming damages for personal injuries resulting from the operation of the Products and shall indemnify and hold AM Industrial harmless from any such claim or resulting judgment.


Customer acknowledges reading these Terms and Conditions, understands them and agrees to be bound by them. A waiver of any provision of this agreement shall not be construed a waiver or modification of any other term hereof. Disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be governed by the laws of Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio without regard to principals of conflicts of laws. Any controversy or claim arising out of this transaction or these terms and conditions shall be determined by arbitration conducted in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

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