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Installing a dust collection system requires a certain amount of calculations. The process can be complicated so we have created a few calculators to simplify the process. From duct work calculations to CFM conversion calculators, AM Industrial will help you all the way through your dust collection project.  

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How do you Convert Rectangle Duct Dimensions to Round Duct Diameter?

Enter Rectangle Duct Dimensions to Calculate Round Duct Diameter

Round duct diameter for equivalent rectangle duct

Input Rectangle Duct Width (in.)
Input Rectangle Duct Depth (in.)
- in. Diameter

How do you Convert CFM to Cubic Meters per Hour (m³/h)?

Enter CFM amount

Cubic feet per minute to cubic meters per hour

Input CFM
- m3/h

How do you Convert Cubic Meters per hour to CFM?

Enter Cubic Meters per Hour amount

Cubic meters per hour to cubic feet per minute

Input m3/h

How do you Calculate Air Volume in CFM?

AirMax Volume Chart – This chart shows air volume in CFM for a given duct diameter and velocity.

The cross section of the round duct (Area in Square Feet – a/sq. ft.) multiplied by velocity in feet per minute (VFM) is equal to cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Input a/sq ft
Input VFM

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) divided by the cross section of the round duct (area in square feet – a/sq. ft.) is equal to the velocity in feet per minute (VFM).

Input CFM
Input a/sq ft
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