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Watch as the 3" Addison McKee #HG-70 Digipro single-head, CNC tube forming and sizing machine demonstrates its ability to conform to tight tolerances on both inside and outside diameters. Notice the ease of use of the unit’s touchscreen, machine-mounted controls and its compact footprint.

See the Horn Machine Tools #3L horizontal CNC tube bender operate automatically and make several bends. This triple-axis, heavy-duty, mandrel type tube bending machine can handle tubes up to 5” in diameter and make bends up to 180°. The BendPro CNC operator control touch screen allows for easy operation.

Check out the Pines #1 manual feed tube bender as it executes several bends at various angles.

Watch as the Horn Machine Tools 100TSR CNC tube bender makes several smooth, clean bends. This triple-axis, heavy-duty tube bending machine can accommodate outside diameters of up to 4” with a maximum bend of 180°. BendPro G2 CNC operator control allows for convenient touchscreen operation.

See the 3” Eagle #EPT-75 heavy-duty CNC Tube Bender tackle bends up to 180° on tubes up to 10’ long. BendPro G2V2 CNC control allows for easy, hands-off operation.

Watch the Eagle #CC double head tube end former demonstrate its end forming abilities.

Check out the Eagle RS 90 as it forms a new end on a section of metal pipe. Desired dimensions are preprogrammed and the end forming machine gets to work.

See the Addison McKee tube end former at work, honing a new end that allows one pipe to slip into another of the same diameter.

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