Comparison Guide: Purchasing a New vs. Used Dust Collector

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Comparison Guide: Purchasing a New vs. Used Dust Collector

When the time comes to invest in a dust collector for your facility and the well-being of your staff, you will need 
to determine what size and type of dust collector is best suited for your application.

It is important to take time to tackle the old problem of dust/smoke control. Once the size needed is determined, you then must weigh your options: New or Used

Consider these points when buying a dust collector:

1. Cost:

a. NEW: A brand new unit, is similar to a brand-new car, you will be the first one to own that item, and the purchase price will reflect that higher price.

b. USED: When buying a used unit, one of the primary advantages is the lower purchase price. There is also benefit in re-using accessories that were originally ordered with the system. When buying used, you can save $8,000 to $84,000! AM Industrial offers a competitive warranty on many of our used dust collectors.

2. More Selection – Sizes & Brands: Choosing the right dust collector to clear the air of dust can be difficult. Do you have the time to shop around?

a. NEW: If you are working with a local dealer, they may only offer you one or two brands to choose from.

b. USED: AM Industrial Group has over fifty brands of dust collectors to compare. Whether you are looking for a cartridge collector, a baghouse collector, a booth/backdraft, or portable collector, we have an extensive inventory for you to view and compare. We carry a variety of brand names in stock including, but not limited to, Donaldson Torit, Wheelabrator, Camfil Farr, A.C.T. Dust Collectors and Dust Hog.  Our stock of industrial dust collectors ranges in size from 1,000 CFM to 110,000 CFM and higher.  

3. Delivery and Start Time:

a. NEW: Obviously when buying a new dust collector, you may or may not purchase an in-stock unit. A system larger than 6,000 cfm is built to order which means once you purchase you will need to wait for approval drawings and production, typically four months or longer.

b. USED: Quick Delivery - The used dust collectors on-site at AM Industrial Group are available for immediate purchase and quick delivery. Not to mention when you buy a used collector to replace your current collector, you can typically find an exact duplicate or similar collector that you are already familiar with – having similar controls, set-up, filters and/or footprint requirements.

4. Customization and Accessories:

a. NEW: When you are building your dust collector wish list, it can easily include many accessories that drive up cost: explosion vents, rotary airlocks, AR inlets etc. All you have to do is request it before the build.

b. USED: In many cases it’s possible to modify a used unit to include additional accessories on request.

Choosing a used dust collector will save you both time and money. AM Industrial Group has a large inventory of used dust collectors that are in stock and ready for inspection at an exceptional value. Contact us today for more information!



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