How Do I Know When to Replace the Filters on a Dust Collector?

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How Do I Know When to Replace the Filters on a Dust Collector?

The principle role of a dust collector is to control and minimize emissions created by an industrial process. When new, clean filters are installed, the filter media captures dust particles and allows clean air to pass through. Over time the dust accumulates, often decreasing the efficiency of the filter. Eventually, the dust becomes too heavy on the filter, causing a decrease in airflow to an unacceptable level. Cleaning systems on dust collectors assist the accumulated dust cake to come off the filter and restore airflow. This process is often done with a pulse of compressed air.

Dust collector filters reach the end of their life when the media is fully depth-loaded and can no longer be cleaned. This occurs over extended time as dust penetrates the filter media and can no longer be pushed out by the cleaning system. A filter is considered “clogged” when the differential pressure across the filters is too high, preventing sufficient airflow for your process.

To decrease how often your filters need to be changed, consider nanofiber filters. They form a perpetual (permanent) web with very fine interstitial spaces on the surface of the filter media. The “web” collects dust, dirt, and pollutants on the surface of the filter before they are deeply imbedded and cannot be pulsed off by the dust collector's cleaning system. This will help you save money over time and reduce production downtime for filter change-out activities.

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