5 Reasons to Buy Used Equipment

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5 Reasons to Buy Used Equipment

Value Engineering and how AM Industrial can help your business

Whether you are a large manufacturing company or a small shop, there are always two options for purchasing industrial equipment: new or used. What are the benefits of choosing used equipment?

1. Shorter Lead Times

Sometimes a sudden need for industrial machinery arises and it's essential to address it immediately. Generally, used equipment is in stock and ready to ship, whereas new equipment has a lead time of 8 weeks or more. When the need is urgent, most businesses choose to go with used equipment as the shorter lead times reduce downtime. 

2. Reduced Cost

When it comes to cost and value, industrial equipment is like cars. As soon as a new piece of equipment is used in a factory, it depreciates greatly – the same as when you drive a new car off the lot. Buying used equipment means someone else has already taken the brunt of the depreciated value, allowing the machinery to be sold at a better value. The reduced cost of used equipment will help keep the project under budget.

3. Faster Return on Investment

Used equipment provides a faster return on investment than new equipment. Because of shorter lead times and reduced costs, a machine can be purchased and implemented in production in a matter of days. New equipment requires longer lead times and higher costs, so the process of getting the machine to your facility can take months. Reduced costs + shorter lead time = faster ROI!

4. Inspect Before You Buy 

When purchasing a used system, you can often inspect the machine and see exactly what you are getting before purchasing it. Used equipment typically arrives in the same state in which you inspected it. New equipment, on the other hand, is usually built after the order is placed or a down payment is made.

5. Maintain the Same Models 

If there are already machines in a factory that need replacing, often it is more convenient to replace the machine with the same machine or one similar to it. If the manufacturer is no longer making that specific model, a used machine is the best answer. Replacing a machine with the same model is convenient and reduces training costs. 

Choosing used versus new industrial equipment will save you both time and money. At AM Industrial Machinery, we have access to a large amount of used inventory that's in stock and ready for inspection at an excellent selling value. Contact us today for more information!


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